Azlan Cloud God E-Head 100W

99.00 CHF

Do you fancy some really thick clouds? A pure taste and all this without burning tobacco?
Then you have come to the right place, because the Azlan Cloud God can fulfil all these wishes.



In addition, it is cheaper than tobacco because it is filled with liquid. You can choose between a nicotine-free liquid or a liquid with nicotine (we recommend not putting more than 3-6 mg of liquid in the tank).

The use is also very simple;
Insert 2x charged 18650 (Flat Top) batteries (not included) at the bottom.
Unscrew the tank and check that the coil is well screwed in.
Then screw the acrylic tank back on and remove the magnetic cover.
Remove the white rubber cap and fill the tank with the desired liquid.
If the tank has just been filled, wait at least 10 minutes before smoking so that the liquid penetrates well.
Press the lowest button 5 times quickly, then set the desired power (30-100W) and off you go.
In principle, the electronic head fits all common shisha and there is no need to order an additional seal.

Details at

7-100 watts
93-315 degrees Celsius
0.5 ohm
Contents of the delivery

1x Cloud God
1x Cloud God tank
2x evaporator head/coil

2x 18650 batteries must be ordered additionally.