PAX 3 Complete Vaporizer Set – Sand

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PAX 3 not only shines in new colours, but also brings some improvements. The beautiful piece now heats up in 15 seconds and offers a strong and tasty steam experience.

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Due to the improved performance of the battery, a new heating element could be installed, which provides twice the power output of the PAX 2.

In addition, the PAX 3 is made entirely of high-quality materials, just like its predecessor. The design remains the popular and simplistic aluminium, but this time it comes with a glossy finish.

Operation is equally luxurious as the PAX 3 vibrates gently when the device is ready to vapourise and the real-time LED feedback makes the device feel almost alive. Sensors have also been improved, such as lip and motion sensors.
The activation button remains at the top of the device near the mouthpiece and is activated with a single press as before. A long press changes the temperature setting, which has four levels and is confirmed by a single press.

A slight shake of the device indicates the battery status, the cross on the PAX 3 being partially or fully illuminated. Incidentally, it glows soft purple when heated and green when ready.

The PAX 3 also comes with three different inserts; two for vaping with dried herbs (with different filling levels of the device) and one for vaping with concentrates or waxes. A beautiful session can be achieved with just a few herbs.

PAX has also equipped its new vaporizer with a smartphone app, which allows even more precise settings and adjustments. Different profiles can be created and adjusted at will. The device can be easily connected to the application and small adjustments, such as LED brightness, can also be made. Updates are also performed transparently via the application, which simplifies handling.

The PAX 3 meets all the needs of a vaper with elegance and durability.



Heating time: 15 seconds
Vaporisation possible with: dried herbs, waxes and concentrates.
Inserts for : Full chamber (herbs), half-filled chamber (herbs), concentrates or waxes
3500mAh battery
Internal motion sensor for intelligent energy and filler saving
lip sensor
Holistic LED display
Free smartphone application for iPhone and Android. For more settings and profiles
High-gloss aluminium housing
Accessories: charging station, multitool, 2x mouthpieces (1x high, 1x flat) and 3x screens and instructions for use (German and English)
10-year manufacturer’s warranty

Contents of the delivery :

3 screens
2 lids for the chamber
2 mouthpieces
PAX 3 Vaporizers
1 concentrated insert
1 charging cable + station
1 care set
1 multi-tool

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