Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

589.00 CHF

First-class design and high quality are always represented at STORZ&BICKEL.
But the manufacturer also sets high standards for functionality and innovation.

The manufacturer is now proud to present its latest model – the Volcano Hybrid.




The desktop vaporizer offers inhalation via a hose and a balloon.
But that’s not all, the fast warm-up time of less than 40 seconds and the optimised airflow management also speak in favour of the vaporiser.

Of course, STORZ&BICKEL does not have to be without simple operations. The large display clearly shows all important information and setting options. The touch-sensitive buttons are pleasant to the touch, making it quick and easy to make adjustments.
The temperature can be continuously adjusted from 40°C to 210°C.

The risk of burning the herbs is reduced to a minimum thanks to the seamless convection air flow. In this way, the herbs are optimally heated, as usual at Storz & Bickel.

The manufacturer also offers a new internal application for individual vaporizer settings. Here, some optional functions can be used:

– Create your own customised workflow
– Controlling/activating/deactivating the heating
– Deactivate/activate the pump
– Retrieving the serial number and general information
– Firmware update
– Customise the general settings
– Setting the stop timer

No vaporizer has ever been so extensive. STORZ&BICKEL once again delivers a top-of-the-range device with numerous accessories.

Contents of the delivery :

– 1 x Volcano hybrid radiator
– 1 x filling chamber
– 1 x cover ring
– 1 x air filter set (2 pieces) and normal screen set (6 pieces)
– 1 x Drop Pad
– 1 x cleaning brush
– 3 x Easy Valve balloon with mouthpiece
– 1 x Easy Valve balloon with adapter (balloon exchange possible)
– 1 x rotating hose system (1 m hose and hose elbow)
– 1 x balloon retaining ring
– 1 x Storz&Bickel herb grinder
– 1 x power cord (220-240V/50-60Hz or 110-120V/50-60Hz)