Powermatic 3+ Automatic cigarette rolling machine

299.90 CHF

The Powermatic 3+ is an easy-to-use automatic cigarette rolling machine with a sophisticated mechanism that produces professional quality cigarettes quickly. It is equipped with a large tobacco tray, an anti-clogging system and an LCD screen for easy operation. This is one of the best cigarette rolling machines available on the market.



Automatic cigarette rolling machine Electric cigarette rolling machine

The Powermatic 3+ is a professional quality automatic cigarette rolling machine. It is easy to use and can quickly produce quality cigarettes in just a few seconds. The Powermatic 3+ is equipped with a sophisticated mechanism that doses the tobacco and fills the cigarette tubes evenly, as well as a large capacity tobacco tray. It is also equipped with an anti-jamming system and an LCD screen for ease of use. The Powermatic 3+ is one of the best cigarette rolling machines available on the market, thanks to its build quality, reliability and ability to produce professional quality cigarettes.

The hopper of the stuffing machine has a volume to stuff about 30 cigarettes.
Even the operation is child’s play. Simply put your favourite tobacco in the funnel, place the cigarette tube at the end of the nozzle and press the start button.
The tamping machine itself regulates the portioning of the tobacco. The display shows the number of cigarettes produced.
The Powermatic 3+ operates with a single button. The internal computer monitors the jamming process.

For the Powermatic 3+ to work properly, we recommend that you only use tobacco in volume (the cut must be short and the tobacco must be dry).

the details

Dimensions : 26 x 15 x 14 cm
CE certified quality product
Patented and high quality
sliding filling
automatic tobacco portioning

Please note: the colour may vary. Delivered in black or silver.