Volcano Classic Vaporizer with Easy Valve Starter Kit

419.00 CHF

The Volcano Vaporizer is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of aromatic applications. For example, from the vaporisation of fragrances and flavours in aromatherapy to the preparation of drinks. Herbs, spices and essential oils are gently heated by the temperature control so that only the pure aroma is vaporised. Since the temperature is always below the burning point, it is guaranteed that no smoke will ever be produced and nothing will be burnt.



Since 1 November 2016, there has been an important innovation for the Easy Valve starter kit: thanks to an adapter, the balloons can now also be exchanged, making the Solid Valve starter kit unnecessary.
Here are the most important properties in detail:

Maintenance-free valve balloon and mouthpiece
Lightweight and robust
Easy to use
Optimised filling chamber design and less condensation
Compatible with dosing capsules
Less vapour loss due to optimised sealing
New: replaceable ball

Contents of the delivery :

1x Vaporizer Volcano Classic (last series)
1x detailed instructions in German Volcano Classic
1x Volcano Classic Storz and Bickel herb mill (mill)
2x Volcano Classic air filters
1x Volcano Classic cleaning brush
1x Volcano Classic liquid pad
1x Volcano Classic sieve set (with 6 normal sieves)
1x Easy Valve starter kit
5x finished Easy Valve balloons
1x filling chamber with insert and cover

Technical information Volcano Classic

Voltage: 220-240V or 110-120V/50-60Hz
Heating power: 110 W
Pump power: 11 W
Temperature range: 130°C – 230°C
Air flow rate: approx. 12 l/min
Dimensions: width: 20 cm / height: 20 cm

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