Wolkenkraft VITA, Blue Night

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The WOLKENKRAFT VITA is the small, handy, and like all WOLKENKRAFT vaporizers, it is super easy to use and is equipped with optimized conduction technology It is perfect for travelling and can be stored almost anywhere due to its incredibly small size.

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VITA has been reduced to the most necessary tools, but is in no way inferior to its predecessors. With a stainless steel heating chamber and a fully insulated air duct, VITA ensures optimal steam and is not distorted by the usual ceramic taste.

The LED display makes it easy to read the temperature from 180° to 220° degrees using five lights. The different temperature levels can be switched by pressing the button twice. The heating time is just under 30 seconds.

The battery capacity of 1600 mAh is quite sufficient for such a small vaporizer. The energy consumption of a conductive vaporizer is generally lower than that of a convective vaporizer, which is why VITA lasts a long time even with intensive use. An intercom function has also been added for safety reasons, so it can also be used during charging if necessary. However, we do not recommend using this function too often, as it fundamentally affects the life of the battery.

It has a modern USB-C connection.

The current battery status can be read from the WOLKENKRAFT LED logo. The logo shines in blue (100-75%), orange (74-25%) or red (24-10%). Below 10% of the battery level, the LED will start to flash alternately red and blue and the VITA should be charged as soon as possible.