Who are we?

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Organic Agriculture and Environment
Our cbd cannabis is 100% organic, grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. We have opted for greenhouse cultivation to reduce our carbon footprint and guarantee optimal plant growth all year round.
Our passionate farmers work to produce the best cannabis while respecting the environment.

Our raw material
Chez Le Riff we work exclusively with local producers who perpetuate the Swiss tradition of hemp cultivation in order to provide you with a high quality plant rich inCBD.

Our charter
Tests are carried out throughout the production and manufacturing processes to ensure compliance with standards Swiss quality.

Our cbd cannabis is guaranteed 100% Swiss Made with a THC level of less than 1% and a CBD level of 14% to 18% depending on the harvest with certification by an approved laboratory. We want maximum transparency on our products.
Cultivated on the lands of Sseeland in the purest tradition of Swiss hemp growers, our cannabis is organic and comes from agriculture that respects the environment.

Our partners
From packaging to by-products, we work with local companies to guarantee the traceability of our products and to offer you the best that Switzerland has to offer!