Haze Popcorn | Indoor

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Fancy some popcorn? So try our new Indoor Passion Haze cannabis flower popcorn now and be convinced by the first class quality and the extraordinary taste.

CBD: up to 21
THC: <1%

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Haze Popcorn flower cbd cannabis popcorn are smaller and do not develop into normal sized flowers. They are usually confined to the lower flowers of the cannabis plant. As the name suggests, this is our high quality Passion Haze indoor flower, which is characterised by its nutty taste.

All our CBD flowers are produced in Switzerland in a sustainable and organic way. Our high quality buds reach CBD levels of up to 23%, while the THC content is always below 1%. All Green Passion CBD buds are therefore compliant with Swiss law and offer you an exceptional experience.

In our CBD online shop you can buy high quality CBD oil and indoor, outdoor and greenhouse CBD flowers from Switzerland. In addition, you will find a wide selection of high quality feminised seeds which you can now grow yourself.

Our products are produced to the highest quality standards. All our buds are cured for weeks after drying, which gives them their intense and unique taste. In addition, during the fermentation process, the chlorophyll is removed from the flowers and the cannabinoid acids THC-A and CBD-A are converted into the main active ingredients Delta-9-THC and CBD.

All our products have a THC content of less than <1% and meet the legal requirements in Switzerland.

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