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Ivory Red contains only dried cannabis flowers. The flower buds were first dried by hand, then carefully cleaned and defoliated by hand before finally being refined (dried). The delicious aroma and the intense taste will surely convince you.
50% Sativa type and 50% Indica type
CBD: ~ 17%
THC: ~ 0,7%

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Founded in 2017, IVORY is an iconic fixture in the CBD world. Pioneer in the CBD market, we have the particularity of having heated hybrid greenhouses, equipped with 2 500 Sodium lamps of 1000w each with automated total darkening panels and addition of C02. Its structure gives our flowers an indoor quality with the advantage of enjoying the unequalled qualities of the sun’s spectrum simultaneously. This process allows us to harvest throughout the year an optimal, constant quality with unique natural terpenes. Moreover, our CBD flowers undergo a minimum of three weeks of curing* after leaf removal, in order to obtain exceptional olfactory and gustatory qualities. We guarantee you a product without pesticides, nor chemical fungicides 100% Organic with a complete traceability (From the cutting to the final product).

IVORY RED CBD FLOWERS CBD flowers scrupulously respect all legal and regulatory requirements and are packaged in a way that ideally preserves their integrity and their natural intrinsic qualities. We are particularly attentive to the continuous improvement of the quality of our products and services and are constantly working to innovate and develop new products. The flowers and CBD products of the Ivory brand are from a handcrafted production of superior qualitý 100% Swiss made, containing no pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

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